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Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

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Twyfelfontein Country Lodge General

The Twyfelfontein Country Lodge is located in the Huab valley in Namibia’s Kunene region (formerly known as Damaraland). The area, known as the Twyfelfontein Uibasen Conservancy, boasts various rock engravings and paintings. These are a silent testimony to the first hunter-gatherer and subsequent Khoi-San inhabitants of 6 000 years ago, who used the area as a place of worship and shaman rituals. There are 17 different sites of rock paintings, totalling 212 stone slabs.

The developers of the lodge used natural stone and thatch and chose paint hues to match that of the surrounding rocks and plains. Recently a visitor centre was erected and was also built and designed to blend into the red sandstone of the environment. Twyfelfontein welcomes as many as 40 000 visitors per year. For those puzzled by the name: a farmer that settled on the land in 1946 named it Twyfelfontein (Afrikaans for uncertain or doubtful spring) as he was unsure whether the spring called /Ui-//aes on the farm would provide enough water.

Twyfelfontein was proclaimed a national monument in 1952. It first came to the attention of the wider world when Reinhard Maack included the site in a report in 1921. He is thought to have been informed of the engravings in the area by a land surveyor. The imagery suggests it was part of the Khoi-San belief system, who lived in the area up to about 1 000 years ago when they were displaced by the Damara. No Khoi-San currently inhabit the area, but the beliefs of San 800 km away give insight to the meaning of the paintings and engravings. To preserve this unique history, Twyfelfontein became Namibia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

Twyfelfontein rocks

Simming pool at Twyfelfontein

The Location

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge is approximately 100 km west of Khorixas and 430 km northwest of the Namibian capital, Windhoek. It can be reached by air or by road (travel along the C39, turn off at D2612, join D3254).

S20.34 E14.22.

Twyfelfontein Lodge

Twyfelfontein Lodge Dinner Area


Twyfelfontein Country Lodge is famous for their excellent meals.  Where most hotels are busy during dinner time only, Twyfelfontein is a just as busy during lunch.  Visitors from other lodges and those on route through Koakoland love there famous food and visit Twyfelfontein Lodge in large numbers.  If you plan to stop over for dinner, please book well in advance.

Dinner can be à la carte, but it is our buffet and carvery that has made Twyfelfontein Lodge famous. There is always a wide selection of local and international meals, deserts and salads.

Breakfast is as good as it gets.  Visitors are often surprised to experience the wide selection of fresh produce and excellent cheeses on offer.

The public spaces at Twyfelfontein Lodge are just magnificent.  The lounge and bar is the best place from which to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Namibia.  Just down the steps from the lounge and bar and you can enjoy one of Twyfelfontein’s famous cocktails at the poolside.   Twyfelfontein is much more than just a hotel.  It is a destination where you can get back in touch with your roots and reload your batteries for the future.

Meals at Twyfelfontein Country Lodge
Meals at Twyfelfontein


Guest accommodation at Twyfelfontein Country lodge comprises 56 en-suite rooms.  These rooms are all spacious and with all the amenities that you might require.  All rooms have magnificent views of the surrounding planes or mountains.  It is not unusual to be treated to the sight of the famous desert elephants from your veranda.

There is a choice of twin rooms, triple rooms and double rooms.

Twyfelfontein double room

Twyfelfontein Twin Room

Luxury Suite

For honeymooners, or perhaps for royalty, Twyfelfontein Country Lodge offers a luxury suite placed a discrete distance from the other buildings.  The suite has its own private bar and private splash pool.  This pool is nestled between the natural rocks and not visible to the paparazzi.  A very romantic and private experience.

Rock at Twyfelfontein

Twyfelfontein Lodge Suite Pool


The lodge caters for a host of activities, ranging from swimming facilities, and safaris. The many Namibian plant species, among which the unique Welwitschia, will delight plant lovers. Elephants and giraffe are some of the wildlife that adapted to the desert climate of the Namib that can be seen roaming the area.

Those interested in geology will also be in for a treat: volcanic activity of eons ago led to spectacular rock formations that can be viewed at the Organ Pipes, Burnt Mountains, Doros Crater and Petrified Forest. They are all in the vicinity of the lodge.

Game drive at Twyfelfontein
Elephants at Twyfelfontein